Oh, no, Anime?! Can you imagine?

Tsotne Chakhvadze
3 min readJan 20, 2021

I used to write a lot, but then suddenly decided to stop.

It could be the start of one of the new anime, but it’s a true story and I want to start again. I’m Tsotne and as you can see in my bio, I’m hidden OP MC in my own manga / anime life. Mostly I’m known as a software engineer, from Georgia.

On the web, you can find a lot of guys (some great, some not) teaching you how to write your own resume, what to say and what to not say, how to behave and so on. Like in every domain, in tech there are some trends:

  • What study / where study.
  • What technologies choose.
  • Where to work.

Based on answers, unfortunately, we (yes we are all, part of society) have kind of defined what are the values ​​and who are (can be) valuable workers. Even, maybe I share some of them, mostly I like and would like considering everyone as a individual.

I see people, mostly recruiters, tend to search for engineers with the same field work experiences, same technologies and so on. In most cases recruiters don’t have tech education and I’m ok with it, I just sometimes have the impression some people imagine work as “meal”. And for a good meal, there is always a recipe and list of ingredients.

So, “hunt monsters to collect ingredients”.

Ramen Ingredients https://pinchofyum.com/quick-homemade-ramen

According to Cambridge dictionary, knowledge is awareness, understanding, or information that has been obtained by experience or study, and that is either in a person’s mind or possessed by people generally. And yes, I don’t want you to think I don’t believe or I don’t value knowledge. It is important and it is needed so much, but …

The ability to imagine things pervades our existence entirely. It influences everything we do, think about and create. It leads to elaborate theories, dreams and inventions.

So, as you heard before imagination is the key to innovation.

I saw some comments a few days ago, that no one cares candidates hobbies in resume and no one isn’t interested in love someone read books or not, can they write, dance, sing or watch they or not tv shows. And they say, it doesn’t matter.

And I hope they never find someone creative. And yes, if someone loves reading / watching sci-fi, anime, comics and so on. That means this person has an imagination and as I said before it is really key to success.

Yes, if someone already did what you are searching for is great, but imho, much better will be if everyone evaluates candidates what they can do in future, what are their skills and what they are able to do (and yes there are already good companies, I know).

I don’t think someone who can’t imagine, how to slay dragons, don’t understand how it is possible a child host nine-tail monster or can’t get what is “One For All” Quirk, which was passed down to good guy by All Might, they understand or have abilities to solve problems.


Engineering is just solving new problems and seeing someone with imaginations is one of the precious characteristics you can see in candidates. Having imagination and creativity is a real talent, talent to create something new.

And some of that comment’s authors are talent acquisition specialists.

Anyways, finally 2021 started, a lot of great anime already aired, do you watch anime and maybe you recommend some too (maybe I don’t know about them, yet).



Tsotne Chakhvadze

Hidden OP character in my own manga/anime life. Maybe you know me as Software engineer